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12.08: The garden 2017
12.08: Date of flowering, daylilies
11.08: The garden 2017
11.08: Date of flowering, daylilies
11.08: Date of flowering, roses
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August 12th
'Siloam Royal Prince'
The new floor finished.

August 11th
'Serena Madonna' and 'Papi Delbard'

August 10th
New floor on the terrace.

August 9th
'Red Rum'

August 8th
'Frans Hals' and 'Moses Fire'

August 7th
New walls in the winter garden
'Queen Elizabeth'

August 6th
'Arctic Snow'

August 5th
Hemerocallis fulva var. 'Kwanso Variegata'

August 4th
'Brilliant Circle' and 'Elegant Candy'

August 3rd
Hemerocallis fulva var. 'Kwanso'

August 2nd
'Barbara Mitchell' and 'Big Wig'

August 1st
'Charles Johnston'
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