Hagen på Kleiva

Plant portraits

Hybrid daylilies


  'All the Trimmings'
  'Arctic Snow'
  'Barbara Mitchell'
  'Big Wig'
  'Black Arrowhead'
  'Blueberries and Cream'
  'Brilliant Circle'
  'Catherine Woodbery'
    'Cheese and Wine'
  'Charles Johnston'
  'Chicago Apache'
  'Chicago Blackout'
  'Chicago Fire'
  'Chicago Knobby'
  'Court Magican'
  'Edna Spalding'
  'Eenie Weenie'
  'Elegant Candy'
  'Final Touch'
  'Frans Hals'
    'Free Wheelin'
  'Golden Chimes'
  'Happy Returns'
  'Holiday Delight'
  'Janice Brown'
  'Joan Senior'
  'Little Missy'
  'Lullaby Baby'
  'Luxury Lace'
  'Lynn Hall'
  'Marble Faun'
  'Mini Pearl'
  'Moses Fire'
  'Night Embers'
  'Nile Crane'
  'Pandora's Box'
  'Pardon Me'
  'Pink Damask'
  'Red Rum'
  'Sammy Russell'
  'Serena Dancer'
  'Serena Madonna'
  'Siloam Royal Prince'
  'Siloam Ury Winniford'
  'Simmons Overture'
    'Spacecoast Early Bird'
  'Stella d'Oro'
  'Strawberry Candy'
  'Summer Wine'

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