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The garden, 2017


July 31st
'Chicago Apache' and 'Chicago Knobby'

July 30th
'Court Magican'
'Little Missy' and 'Pandora's Box'

July 29th
'Princess Diana'

July 28th
'Sammy Russell', 'Holiday Delight' and 'Summer Wine'

July 27th
'Serena Dancer'

July 26th
'Catherine Woodbery' and 'Pardon Me'

July 25th
'Marble Faun'
'Mini Pearl'

July 24th
'Final Touch'

July 23rd
When the old rose beds are overgrown with weeds the roses needs to be moved.
So then the old vegetable garden will be the new rose garden.
'Luxury Lace' and 'Nile Crane'
'H. C. Andersen'

July 22nd
The old vegetable garden are going to be a new rose garden.
'Chicago Blackout', 'Gula' and 'Chicago Fire'
'Janice Brown' and 'Whimsical'
The garden tonight
'American Pillar'
'Blush Rambler'
Harvest of white goosefoot (Chenopodium album). Going to be a delicious soup.

July 21st
'Lynn Hall', 'Blueberries and Cream' and 'Siloam Ury Winniford'
'Hallcroft' and 'Patricia'
'All the Trimmings'

July 20th
'Lullaby Baby'
'Pink Damask' and 'Simmon's Overture'
Villarsia reniformis and Eucomis bicolor
'Summer Song'

'Sunburst Border'
'Long John Silver'

July 18th
'Peer Gynt'
'All the Trimmings' and 'Strawberry Candy'
The garden today
Filipendula ulmaria and Filipendula rubra 'Venusta'
Beautiful night sky
The rose 'Kir Royal' and a later hybrid of this 'Camelot'
'Dame de Court'

July 17th
'Jude the Obscure' and 'Frühlingsduft'
'Schneewalzer 87'

July 16th
'Rosenstadt Freising'

July 15th
'Night Ember'

July 14th
'Edna Spalding' and 'Eenie Weenie'
'I am Lady Q', 'Jackmanii' and 'Tango'

July 13th
New wall in the garden
'Joan Senior'

July 12th
'Mini Pearl'

July 11th
'Maidens Blush'

July 10th
Started on the big project of the year. Tearing down the old fence
and building a wall instead.
'Rouge Cardinal'
'Peer Gynt' and 'The Fairy'

July 9th
'Alba Luxurians'
Garlic harvest
Herbs for drying
'Golden Chimes' and 'Stella d'Oro'

July 8th
Splitting and moving daylilies
Finished planting the new flowerbed
And this is the plants:
Prunus serrulata Magnolia lilliflora
'Royal Burgundy' 'Nigra'
Miscanthus x giganteus Paeonia x lactiflora
  'Francois Ortega'
Paeonia x lactiflora Paeonia x lactiflora
'Orient Jewel' 'Paula Fay'
Paeonia x lactiflora Paeonia x lactiflora
'Prairie Charm' 'Yellow Crown'
Hosta Hosta
'Golden Tiara' 'Night Before Christmas'
Hemerocallis Hemerocallis
'Big Wig' 'Frans Hals'
Hemerocallis Hemerocallis
'Cheese and Wine' 'Court Magican'
Hemerocallis Hemerocallis
'Pandora's Box' 'Spacecoast Early Bird'
'Darcey Bussell'
'Friesia' and 'James Galway'
'Nadia Renaissance' and 'Santana'

July 7th
  Hemerocallis flava and 'Quatre Saisons'

July 6th
'Pink Bells' and 'Centifolia'

July 5th
The new bed nearly finished

July 4th
Half way on the new flowerbed.
'Happy Returns' and 'Long John Silver'
This years first waterlily

July 3rd
A new flowerbed by the entrance
'Blue Pirouette' and 'Etoile Violette'
'Baron J. B. Gonella' and 'Compassion'
'Schneewalzer 87'

July 2nd
'Södertälje' and 'Bowl of Beauty'
'Lichfield Angel' and 'Winchester Cathedral'
'Maria Liesa' and 'The Pilgrim'

July 1st
'American Pillar', 'Spirit of Freedom' and 'Portlandica'
'Clementine' and 'Rugelda'
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