Hagen på Kleiva

The garden, 2017


June 30th
'Tuscany Superb'

June 29th
'Golden Chimes' and Hemerocallis fulva
'Blue Bells'
Good friends in the garden
'Astrid Gräfin von Hardenberg', 'Blush Rambler' and 'Henri Martin'
'Sangerhausen Jubiläumsrose', 'Rokoko' and 'Sommerwind'

June 28th
In The Botanical Gardens in Oslo.
'Jubilee Celebration' and 'L. D. Braithwaite'
'Lina Renaissance' and 'White Cover'

June 27th
'Lady of Shalott' and 'Rouge Léonard de Vinci'

June 26th
'Polish Spirit'
Herb and vegetable boxes on the terrace
'Francine Austin', 'Ritausma' and 'Moonlight'
'Rosenstadt Freising' and 'Lady of Megginch'
'Léonard de Vinci'

June 25th
'Charles Darwin', 'Memoire' and 'Yellow Fairy'
Iris setosa and 'Hagley Hybrid'
'Black Arrowhead'

June 24th
'Aspirin Rose', 'Graham Thomas' and 'James Galway'
'Mary Rose', 'Veilchenblau' and 'Young Lycidas'

June 23rd
Clematis fusca var. 'Violacea'
'A Shropshire Lad', 'Tuscany' and 'Marinette'

June 22nd
'Zi Fu Rong'
'Burgundy Iceberg', 'Belle Amour' and 'Egeskov'
'Hansaland', 'Geoff Hamilton', 'Golden Showers' and 'Kir Royal'
'Molineux', 'Louise Odier' and 'Morden Sunrise'
'Othello', 'Officinalis', 'Nuits de Young' and 'Rosa Mundi'
'Sir John Betjeman', 'Hansaland' and 'The Alnwick Rose'

June 21st
'Belle Isis'
'Silver Edge'
'Félicité Parmentier', 'Falstaff' and 'Gartenspas'
'Schneewittchen', 'Queen of Sweden' and 'Tess of the d'Urbervilles'
The new vegetable boxes so far

June 20th
Iris pseudacorus var. 'Variegata'
'Catharina Fontijn' and 'Sarah Bernhardt'
'Sarah Bernhardt'
'Darcey Bussell', 'Commandant Beaurepaire', 'Abraham Darby' and 'Golden Celebration'
'John Davis', 'Hot Chocolate', 'Harlow Carr' and 'Magnifica'
'Jacques Cartier'
'Princess Alexandra of Kent' and 'Tommelise'

June 19th
'Warszawska Nike'
'June Rose' and 'Karl Rosenfield'
'Erinnerung an Brod', 'Golden Wings' and 'Celsiana'
'Katharina Zeimet', 'H. C. Andersen' and 'Lichtkönigin Lucia'
'Morning Mist', 'Mme. A. Meilland' and 'Pat Austin'

June 18th
'Lady Vanessa' and Clematis recta
'Jan van Leeuwen'
New vegetable beds
'Nippon Beauty'
'Flammentanz', 'Crown Princess Margareta', 'Champlain' and 'Friesia'
'Kew Gardens', 'Lavender Dream' oand 'Hybrida'
'Parkdirektor Riggers'
'Summer Wine', 'Sophy's Rose' and 'Zigeunerknabe'

June 17th
'F. J. Grootendorst', 'Eyes for You', 'Boule de Neige' and 'Great Western'
'Kiftsgate', 'James Mason', 'Grimpant Étoile de Hollande' and 'Martin Frobisher'
Rosa arvensis, 'Pink Grootendorst' and 'Rose de Rescht'
'Tradescant', 'Sekel' and 'william Shakespeare 2000'

June 16th
Party on the terrace
'Dark Aura'
'Stella d'Oro'
'Celeste' and 'Frankfurt'

June 15th
'Mme. Alfred Carrière', 'Mini Mandarin', 'Abbotswood' and 'The Alexandra Rose'
'Cardinal de Richelieu', 'Rose of Picardy' and 'Munstead Wood'
'Bella' and 'Twinkle'

June 14th
Iris versicolor and 'Prussian Blue'
'Comte de Chambord' and 'Cuthbert Grant'
'Roseraie de l'Haÿ' and 'Rhapsody in Blue'
Rosa canina and 'Viridiflora'

June 13th
Clematis recta var. 'Purpurea' and the rose 'Dart's Defender'

June 12th
The garden today
'Mary Geddes', 'Creme de la Creme', Iris bulleyana and 'Snow Queen'
'Multi Blue'
'Mme. Sancy de Parabere', Rosa moyesii var. 'Geranium' and 'Schneekoppe'

June 11th
Iris croatica and 'Jens Munk'
Rosa glauca
Still some plants to get planted out

June 10th
'Mme. Plantier'

June 9th

June 8th
'Frühlingsduft' and 'Max Graf'
'Souvenir de Maxime Cornu'
'Perry's Blue'

June 7th
Rubus odoratus 'Albus'
'Hansa' and 'Henry Hudson'

June 6th
Hemerocallis citrina
'Rose' and 'Vågå'
Rosa hugonis var. 'Flore Pleno'
Rosa canina, Rosa rugosa var. 'Rubra' and Rosa moyesii var. 'Highdownensis'
'Agnes' and 'Frühlingsgold'

June 5th
'William's Double Yellow'
Started on changing the old vegetable garden. Now it will be roses here.

June 4th

June 3rd

Iris pseudacorus and 'Thérèse Bugnet'

June 2nd

Iris tenax
'Louise Bugnet', 'Aïcha' and 'Rotes Meer'

June 1st
'Joyance' and 'Moje Hammarberg'
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