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The garden, 2017


May 31st
Iris typhifolia

May 30th
To the upper pond
'Caesar's Brother' og 'Flight of Butterflies'
Rosa villosa
'High Noon'

May 29th
'Black Knight'

May 28th
Paeonia ostii
Iris longipetala and 'Single Cherry'

The new bed with the Japanese acers finished
The roses has started flowering. 'Nova', Rosa pendulina var. 'Lina' and Rosa pendulina.

May 25th
Iris variegata and Rosa pimpinellifolia var. 'Altaica'
Redoing of an old flowerbed

May 24th
Visited Hesleberg and Vegge today. Fantastic garden centres both.
The rose greenhouses at Hesleberg is fantastic. A dream for a rose lover.
And here is what I bought. 5 trees/bushes and then some roses more.
'Fancy Babylon Eyes'
'Sunset Babylon Eyes'

May 23rd
Paeonia tenuifolia and Rosa sericea var. 'Pteracantha'
Allium ursinum to make delicious herbal butter. Perfect for the summer BBQ.

May 22nd
All ready for summer at the front door

May 21st
The garden today
Soon flowers on Iris variegata

May 19th
Cutting of the willow trees
Work on the twig fence continues
Relaxing after a days work

May 18th
Clematis alpina

May 15th
Starting the twig fence in the top garden

May 14th
Clematis alpina

May 10th
Got plants in the post today
Iris pseudacorus var.
Polemonium caeruleum

May 8th
Tulipa sylvestris

May 7th
The pumpkin with flowers

May 6th

May 5th

May 4th
Chilli in the first greenhouse and perennials and annuals in the other.

May 3rd
Has started to remove the old wall today. This happens when the work is poorly done.
Only my selve to blame.

May 2nd
Sown today
Perilla atropurpurea Vicia faba

May 1st
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