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The garden, 2016


October 23rd
Last job of the season. Getting everything that the frost can destroy inside.

October 15th

October 13th

October 12th
The last crop from the greenhouse

October 11th
The first seed catalogue came in the post today
Picking flowers for the living room today

October 8th
Time to get the garlic in the ground

October 3rd
Late flowering clematis 'Praecox'

October 2nd
Started harvesting seeds for next years flowering

October 1st
Got boulbs in the post today:


  Lilium tigrinum 'Splendens'
Chilli and the fruits of  flowering quince. the large fruits are Chaenomeles x superba
and the small fruits are Chaenomeles japonica.
The chilli are 'Heatweave'.
Walnuts from the garden
New tulips among the hostas

September 22nd
Bulbs bought today:


  Garlic 'Casablanca'


  Muscari 'Fantasy Creation'

september 20th
Beautiful autumn sky

Sptember 18th
Autumn, but still much flowering in the garden
60 bulbs of 'Golden Apledoorn' ready for planting

september 17th
The garden and the bonfire ready for guests

September 16th
Got bulbs in the post yesterday and today.
Allium sphaerocephalum
Lilium tigrinum
'Red Velvet'
Lilium regale
Narcissus 'Carlton'
'Apledoorn Elite'
'Golden Apledoorn'
'Rembrandt Mixed'

September 11th
Garlic from the garden ready to make paste, and some small potatoes.

September 10th
Tomatoes in oil, with basil and garlic.
Delicious tomato sauce in autumn and winter.

September 9th

September 4th
Today's harvest

September 3rd
'Grimpant Étoile de Hollande'

August 29th
Grape harvest

August 23rd
First step in place

August 20th
'Schwarze Madonna'

August 17th
Still flowering roses

August 14th
Planting in the new rosebeds
'Darcey Bussell'

August 9th

August 3rd
'Serena Madonna'

August 2nd
'Charles Johnston'
'Chicago Blackout'
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