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The garden, 2015


December 28th
The garden today. The first snow.

November 28th
Seeds came with the post today. Now it's just to wait for spring.
  Nasturtium - Nasturtium -  
'Jewel of Africa'  'Tom Thumb
  Cosmos - Sun flower -  
'Xanthos'  'Helios Flame'
  Tobacco - Tobakko -  
Nicotiana Nicotiana
sylvestris langsdorffii
  Ricin - Ricin -  
'Carmencita' 'Impala'
  Foxglow - Foxglow -  
'Candy Mountain' 'Pam's Choice'
     Orlaya grandiflora
  Cucumber - Pumpkin -  
'Swing' 'Atlantic Giant'
  Bean - Bean -  
'Express' 'Fasold'
  Bean - Sugar Pea -  
'White Lady' 'Kennedy'
  Squash - Squash -  
'BBQ Mix' 'Summer Mix'
  Tomato - Tomato -  
'Big Daddy' 'Black Russian'
  Tomato - Tomato -  
'Brandywine' 'Mountain Magic'
  Tomato - Tomato -  
'Tumbeling Tom 'Tumbeling Tom
Yellow' Red'
     Chili -

November 7th
Tulip bulbs in a pot for early flowering in spring.

November 1st
The pond ready for winter, with air and heat.
A walk in the garden today, shows that there still are many roses in full bloom.
Roses from the garden in a vase.

September 30th

September 20th
The garden today
Planted today:
Garlic Garlic Garlic
'Casablanca' 'Thermidrome' 'Messidrome'
  Allium Allium  
'Purple Sensation' 'Mount Everest'

September 4th

August 30th

August 26th

August 23rd
The garden today
'China Purple'

August 21st
Hostas we received in the post today
'Blue Angel' 'Fragrant Blue'
'Golden Meadows' 'Great Expectations'
'Lakeside 'Lakeside
Banana Bay' Little Tuft'
'So Sweet' 'Super Sagae'
'T Rex' 'Whirlwind'
'Winter Snow'

August 14th

August 11th
'Charles Johnston'

August 10th
'Kew Gardens'
New steps
'Schwarze Madonna'
'Chicago Apache'
Schizostylus coccinea 'Major'

August 9th
'Kordes Brillant'

August 7th

August 6th
'Chicago Blackout'

August 5th
'Big Wig' and Hemerocallis fulva var. 'Kwanso'
'Lullaby Baby', 'Final Touch' and 'Luxury Lace'
'Polish Spirit'

August 4th
'Siloam Royal Prince' and Hemerocallis fulva var. 'Kwanso Variegata'

August 3rd
'Compassion' and 'Rugelda'

2. august
'Lynn Hall'

1. august
'I am Lady Q'
'Pandora's Box'

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