Hagen på Kleiva

The garden, 2015


July 31st
'Blueberries and Cream', 'Moses Fire' and 'Siloam Ury Winniford'
'Serena Madonna'

July 30th
'Sammy Russell'

July 29th
'Night Embers'

July 28th
'Frans Hals'
'Holiday Delight' and 'Little Missy'

July 27th

July 26th

July 24th
'Chicago Fire', 'Gula' and 'Simmons Overture'
'Nile Crane'
'Oranges 'n' Lemons', 'Henry Hudson' and 'Queen of Sweden'

July 23rd
'Serena Dancer'
'Lichfield Angel' and 'Speelwark'

July 22nd
'Sir John Betjeman' and 'Wild Edric'

July 21st
'Joan Senior', 'All the Trimmings' and 'Summer Wine'

July 20th
'Barbara Mitchell', 'Strawberry Candy', 'Startle' and 'Edna Spalding'
'Marble Faun'

July 19th
'Summer Song'

July 18th
'Pink Damask'

July 17th

July 16th
'Jude the Obscure', 'Burgund 81' and 'Martin Frobisher'

July 15th
'Lady of Megginch'

July 14th
'Mini Pearl' and 'The Fairy'

July 13th
'Södertälje' and 'Pierre de Ronsard'

July 12th
Hemerocallis citrina, 'Hallcroft' and 'Nile Crane'
'40th Jubilee'
'Europeana' and 'Jens Munk'

July 11th
'Alba Luxurians' and 'Purpurea Plena Elegans'
'Geoff Hamilton' and 'Summer Song'

July 10th
'Golden Chimes'
'American Pillar' and 'Sunburst Border'

July 9th
'Eenie Weenie' and 'Happy Returns'
Open garden

July 8th
'Baron J. B. Gonella' and 'Nostalgie'

July 7th
'Dame de Coeur' and 'Astrid Gräfin von Hardenberg'
'Jubilee Celebration' and 'Spirit of Freedom'
'Niobe' and 'Rouge Cardinal'

July 6th
'Long John Silver'
'Burgundy Iceberg', 'H. C. Andersen', 'Arthur de Sansal' and 'Young Lycidas'

July 5th
Pictures from the garden today
'Tango' and 'Twinkle'
'Hansa' and 'Ritausma'
Hemerocallis fulva

July 4th
'Blue Pirouette'
'Jacqueline du Pre', 'Yellow Fairy' and 'Pascali'
'Belvedere', 'Rubra' and 'Marinette'

July 3rd
'Bowl of Beauty'
'Sangerhausen Jubiläumsrose', 'Augusta Luise' and 'Veilchenblau'
'Clementine', 'Champlain' and 'Emil Nolde'

July 2nd
A wonderful night by the fire
'Stella d'Oro'
'Alfred Colomb', 'Kir Royal' and 'Henri Martin'
'Tommelise', 'Mme. A. Meilland' and 'Bassino'
'Rosenstadt Freising', 'Tuscany Superb' and 'Rokoko'

July 1st
The garden to day
'Quatre Saisons', 'John Davis', 'Lina Renaissance', 'Egeskov' and 'Queen Elizabeth'
'Parkdirektor Riggers', 'Officinalis', 'Mainzer Fastnacht' and 'Portlandica'
'Jackmanii' and 'Zi Fu Rong'

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