Hagen på Kleiva

The garden, 2014


December 29th

December 1st

November 15th

November 1st

October 25th

September 27th
Planting in the newest flowerbed has started.

September 25th

September 20th
The new bed almost finished

September 14th
The bog bed finished
And another flowerbed

September 13th

September 12th
'China Purple'

September 6th
Start on the bog bed.

September 5th
More work on the bridge.

August 28th
'Night Embers'

August 23rd
'Rose de Rescht'

August 12th
'Miss Bateman'

10. august
Building the bridge continues.

August 8th
Building the bridge.

August 6th
The work goes on.
Had to open up the terrace to rise the ground some.
Soon it's full.

August 5th
Finishing the pond.
First some old clothes...
... then the protecting layer...
... and then the rubber. Very heavy.
The rubber in place. Ready for the water.
After one hour...
After two hours...
After three hours...
After four hours...
After five hours... and then it was night.


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