Hagen på Kleiva

The garden, 2014


July 31st
'Marie Boisselot'
'L. D. Braithwaite' with Cosmos

July 30th
'Chicago Blackout'
'Frans Hals'
'Joan Senior'
'Luxury Lace'
'Red Rum'

July 29th
Finished the deck. The back wall will come later.

July 28th
Started building the deck behind the new pond.

July 23rd

July 20th
Black eyed Susan

July 19th

July 18th
The neighbour's balloon

July 17th
'Charles Johnston', 'Big Wig' and 'Kwanso'
'Chicago Blackout', 'Frans Hals' and 'Summer Wine'

July 14th
'Jubilee Celebration' and 'Lavender Dream' with an allium
'Siloam Royal Prince', 'Final Touch', 'Sammy Russell', 'Elegant Candy' and 'Chicago Knobby'

July 13th
Working with the new pond
'Catherine Woodbery' and 'Siloam Ury Winniford'

July 12th
'Blue Pirouette'

July 11th
'Mainzer Fastnacht'

July 10th
'Barbara Mitchell' and 'Strawberry Candy'
'A Shropshire Lad'

July 9th
'Golden Showers', 'Double Delight' and 'Nuits de Young'

July 7th

July 5th
The first waterlily

July 4th
'Blueberries and Creame', 'Nile Crane' and 'Joan Senior'
'Abraham Darby', 'Emil Nolde', 'Speelwark' and 'Oranges 'n' Lemons'
'Schwarze Madonna'

July 3rd
'Sunburst Border'

July 2nd
'Hagley Hybrid'

July 1st


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