Hagen på Kleiva

The garden, 2013


July 31st
'Chicago Blackout'
'Little Missy'
'Nelly Moser' and geranium 'Splish Splash'

July 30th

July 29th

'Miss Bateman'

July 28th

'Peer Gynt'

July 27th

July 26th

'Marble Faun', 'Mini Pearl' and 'Strawberry Candy'

'Peer Gynt'

July 24th

July 23rd
'Double Delight'

July 22nd
Buds of roses:
'Peer Gynt', 'Double Delight', 'Clair Renaissance', 'Rosenstadt Freising' and 'Mainzer Fastnacht'.
'Schneewalzer 87'

July 20th
The roses 'Compassion' and 'Speelwark'
Buds of Hemerocallis 'Golden Chimes' with Helenium 'Moerheim Beauty'

July 19th
The hybrid Tea roses 'Burgund 81' and 'Speelwark'

July 18th
Bindweed, a big problem in our garden. But very beautiful.

July 16th
The daylilies 'Chicago Knobby' and 'Hallcroft'

July 15th
The first buds of the waterlily

July 14th

'Kir Royal'

July 12th
'Golden Chimes'
'Hot Chocolate'
Rosa rugosa var. 'Alba'
'William Shakespeare 2000'

July 11th

July 10th
'Schneewalzer 87'

July 8th
'Erinnerung an Brod'

July 7th
'Nuits de Young'

July 6th
'Comte de Chambord'
'Great Western'

July 5th
'Aspirin Rose'
'Gartenspas' and 'Moonlight'

July 4th
'Warscawska Nike'

July 3rd
White Rosa canina

July 2nd
'Golden Wings'
'Louise Odier'

July 1st
'Comte de Chambord'


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